The Swiss Society for Anatomy, Histology, and Embryology

National and International Activities

The society is promoting exchange between the Anatomical Institutes in Switzerland both on the level of Research and of Anatomical Education. It provides a platform to exchange experiences, ideas and problems related to these issues and has the major goal to promote communication betwen its members on these issues. A second important activity of the society is to foster young anatomical inverstigators and to support and encourage them to adapt a professional career in anatomical research and teaching. This is being pursued by our program of travel grants for young investigators and by the scientific awards both to young and advanced investigators awarded by the Society.
The Annual Meeting of the Society is organised by one of the Anatomical Institutes in Switzerland and is usually taking place on the first Friday in September. Because the Society is part of the Life Sciences Switzerland (LS2), its members are encouraged to present their scientific work at that meeting. It is also at the LS2 meeting that the Morphology prize of the society is handed over to its recipient.
In autumn 2000, the Swiss Network for Gross Anatomy (SNGA) was founded as subgroup of the Swiss Society for Anatomy, Histology and Embryology. It includes the leading members of the six Swiss Anatomical Institutes which are responsible for organization of teaching gross anatomy. The main purposes of the SNGA are:

The SNGA will organize workshops for all members of the SGAHE / SSAHE who are interested in gross anatomy.
The Society has links with other Scientific Societies in Switzerland, and with international Anatomical Societies. The SSAHE is constituent member of the

The Society is furthermore represented in the Federative International Committees of the IFAA:

(*email to PD Dr. Beat M. RIEDERER, Department of Cell Biology and Morphology, DBCM, University of Lausanne, rue du Bugnon 9, CH-1005 Lausanne, Switzerland)