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SGAHE Morphologiepreis
SGAHE Dissertationpreis



Since 2003 (awarded alternating for either the best thesis or meritious scientific achievments in the field of morphological research)

year prize-winner  
2014 Benoit Zuber (Morphology Prize)  
2013 Olivia Müller-Gugger (Thesis Prize)  
2012 not awarded (Morphology Prize)  
2011 Sven Falk (Thesis Prize)  
2010 Ruslan Hlushchuk (Morphology Prize) Ruslan Hlushchuk
2009 Anne Vaslin (Thesis Prize)  
2008 Barbara Rothen-Rutishauser (Morphology Prize)  
2007 Barbara Lardi (Thesis Prize)  
2006 Katia Monastyrskaya (Morphology Prize)  
2005 Daniel Huber & Carolien van Rijnsoer (Thesis Prize)  
2004 Tiziana Borsello (Morphology Prize)  
2003 Florence Morgenthaler (Thesis Prize)  

1997 - 2002 (awarded for meritious studies)

year prize-winner awarded for
2002 not awarded  
2001 Valentin Djonov, MD
(Department of Anatomy, University of Bern)
Characterization of intussusceptive angiogenesis in different organs as well as in carcinogenesis using various LM and EM techniques including high-quality corrosion-casts.
2000 Lukas Sommer, Ph.D.
(Department of Cell Biology, ETH-Hönggerberg, Zürich)
Contributions to the identification of markers characterizing intermediate progenitor cell stages in the developing nervous system using specifically adapted in situ hybridization techniques in combination with immunohistochemical methods.
1999 Thomas A. Misteli, Ph.D.
(National Cancer Institute, NIH, Bethesda, MD, USA)
Contributions to the elucidation of mechanisms underlying the fragmentation of the Golgi apparatus during mitosis and the coordination of transcription and pre-mRNA splicing.
1998 Dieter R.C. Klopfenstein, Dipl. Biol. II
(Biocenter, University of Basel)
Contributions to the elucidation of mechanisms by which organelles interact with the cytoskeleton, notably for his demonstration of an entirely new mechanism involving p63, an integral ER protein, which mediates an interaction between ER and microtubules.
1997 Andreas Engel, Ph.D.
(M.E. Müller Institute for High Resolution Electron Microscopy, Biocenter, University of Basel)
Structural elucidation of membrane proteins down to atomic resolution in order to understand their function. Development of scanning transmission electron microscopy and its application to the mass determination of biomolecules. The 2-dimensional crystallization of membrane proteins which is a prerequisite for the elucidation of their structure by electron microscopy.Application of atomic force microscopy to the examination of native membrane proteins including their conformational changes.

1988 - 1996 (awarded for the best morphology posters at the LS2)

year prize-winner awarded for the poster entitled
1996 U. Ziegler, L. Vogt, R.J. Giger, B. Kunz, and P. Sonderegger
(Institute of iochemistry, University of Zürich)
Insertion of newly synthesized membrane-anchored axonin-1 at axonal growth cones.
1995 R.A. McKinney, B.H. Gähwiler, S.M. Thompson
(Brain Research Institute, University of Zürich)
Changes induced in organotypic cultures after lesion of Schaffer collaterals.
1994 A. Baroffio, C.R. Bader
(Institute of Physiology, University of Geneva)
Self-renewal properties of human muscle satellite cells in vitro.
1993 Ch. Wälchli, B. Trüb
(Institute of Biochemistry, ETH Zürich)
Tissue specific expression of the fibril-associated collagens XII and XIV.
1992 not awarded  
1991 E. Rungger-Brändle, M. Messerli*, H.M. Eppenberger*
(Clinic for Ophtalmology University Geneva; *Institute of Cell Biology, ETH Zürich)
Visualization of the spatial relationship between glia and vascularization within the vertebrate retina by confocal scanning optical microscopy.